Alex Porter is starting a new blog.

Hi, I'm Alex Porter.

Hello! Welcome to Alex Porter's new blog.

Alex Porter is a 25 year old guy who lives in Seattle with his boyfriend of 5 years. They live with two cats in a 1925 craftsman-style house they bought on December 17th in Seattle's Beacon Hill neighborhood.

Alex is a Senior Consultant at Hitachi Consulting.  He wishes his job was easier to explain--like how everyone knows what a Fireman does or a what a Farmer does.  As a consultant, Alex works with large business clients to help them solve their large business problems--usually by helping implement or develop a computer system.

Alex has a lot on his mind, so he plans to use this new blog to empty those thoughts.  If he keeps it up, you'll hear his thoughts about technology, his favorite city Seattle, his home improvement lessons, and whatever else he feels like posting about.

He hopes you enjoy reading along and would like to note that aside from the post titles, this will be the last sentence written in third person.

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Devon said...

Last week I had a conversation with the Director of North American Sales for Absolut about the new 'Absolut World' ad campaign, and couldn't help but think of you. Looks like you're doing well in the world. Just wanted to drop a quick hello. If you ever want to reconnect I'm on facebook/linked in, etc. Best of luck with everything. -Devon

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