Alex is always excited on Apple launch days.

Today Apple is announcing something new. It happens at least twice a year and I am always really excited. I've had an iPod since version 2 (the first one with the touch wheel--but with physical buttons around the outside of the wheel) which I got in 2002. I love their innovation, craftsmanship and showmanship, and now have many more of their products including an Airport Extreme, an Airport Express (for wirelessly networked speakers), a Mac Mini (connected to my TV), an iMac (in my office) and an iPhone.

Today's event is called "Let's Rock" and begins at 10AM PST. As always, there are laundry lists of rumors and conjectures, and as is recently the case, a lot of leaked information (we can almost count on a new Nano). I think it's bigger than updating the iPod line though. Not new laptops or a new OS, but I am crossing my fingers for some updates to make my house more wirelessly media-enabled. I think Fortune has a good guess--an updated Apple TV. It would be awesome to see an Apple DVR, but I expect that would erode their TV purchasing business. Who knows, Apple is usually not afraid to shake things up.

Alex is quivering with anticipation.

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Alex Porter said...

Sadly, it wasn't anything too exciting:

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